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Did you know thousands of men and women use the internet looking for dates? It's no longer just about dating, it's about making connections in a civilised and smart environment. It's also whatever you want it to be.

The truth is it can be really difficult to find a site that works for you. A lot of people think it's so easy, just go down the pub and start chatting. Have they been to a pub recently? It's all about families eating lunch, coffee and kids. Seriously, do they think you slide up to someone else at the bar and say 'do you want to be my friend'. Conjures up a bit of a scary scene doesn't it!

Truth is it ain't what it used to be. Spit, sawdust and darts are replaced with partitions, laminate floors and a no smoking sign. Forget it.

So what about the internet? Well we like to think at we have got it right. You join and the first thing you notice is it really is a civilised place to be. Now that's a refreshing change. Secondly you can select if you want male dates or female dates when you register.

So we are UK only because your new date needs to live local, not international. We all know of international sites and if you are looking for a date 3,000 miles away then it might just work for you. But if you are serious about getting to know someone near you then that's where we come in.

UK only membership at 4DatesBook

Why not join us. We are HERE.

"The only way to have a friend is to be one".

-Ralph Waldo Emerson
Born in 1803. Educated at Harvard he was a noted poet and a writer of essays.

So now what?

We have two sites that may be of interest to you, one for people seeking dates in the UK ( and one for members looking for personal friends to increase their social circle ( Both sites really are UK only. They are free to join so why not give it a go - make some new dates and friends.

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