About us

This website was born to answer a need for a civilised, well administered and clean dating community. This is not about serial daters, it's about forming a friendship and then moving on in your relationship together.

This gave me the idea to create a UK only dating site where people can find local dates online. I wanted a bright, welcoming place which I could trust.

So I made one!

Looking for Dates Online

What makes us different

This is a dating site, we don't pretend to mix dating and friendship so everyone knows where they stand right from the start. We have a great Friendship Only website so we don't need to mix everyone together!

Your details on the front page of the site?

We think not! Dating sites use members images and sometimes profile details to attract other members. We call that advertising. We don't use your details to advertise 4DatesBook, we don't think that is fair so our Privacy Policy does not allow this.

Thousands and millions of members

So how can a site suddenly appear and have tens of thousands of members? We know that doesn't happen overnight unless you share the same database between sites. That's right, some sites have a different landing (home) page but inside it's the same membership! We have our own, non shared database.

I check every profile personally and do it again if anything is edited or changed.

We are a UK only website so you can be assured that you do not correspond (even unknowingly) with anyone outside of the country.

Why do that? Because we are all about local dates!

Once you join you can login (after we check your profile!) and browse our other members. Your search results can be filtered so you can decide exactly who shows up.

So don't you get lots of random messages flying around and what if I want to decide who contacts me? Good point! We run a validated system and you can send or accept requests before there is any communication. Don't like the profile? Click 'decline'. Would like to get in touch? Click 'accept'. It's as easy as that!

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